7 Online Shopping Tips How To Not Fooled

Anything in this life has its positive and negative as well as internet. With the internet we can get information quickly, and even can also be used as a medium for business or buying and selling. But having said that, there are many people who use the Internet for crime, fraud and other crimes. After reading an article from Yahoo News about fake online stores that exist in the social networking site Facebook, so I think to be able to explain that not all online shops that are fraudulent sites or fake sites, you just need to know some tips to safe online shopping as described in this article. Some things you should investigate before you decide to do business with online stores are as follows.A. Do they have their own site - the first online shopping tips
In the case of the above written on Yahoo News is the online store at Facebook that usually they do promotions by tagging photos to some friends they have. Actually it does not matter if you really need the products they offer. However this may be a problem when you are in the tag multiple times a day, you might like the market wall.Note: Not all are doing this promotion is a scam or fraud.Tips on safe side, namely:

You are investigating whether they have their own websites.
Better yet, if you shop the online store that has a website with hosting their own, rather than a free site. Because then manandakan that they are serious about doing business with the purchase of domain names and hosting his own rent.
Because it is not all the online shop or shop online at FB is fake and if you still want to shop online through Facebook, it's better to trade with people you actually know or those who already have a good track record, as has testimonials from customers.
2. See Alexa ranking sites - Tips online shopping means second
What is Alexa ranking? Alexa rank or Alexa rank is a ranking created by Alexa.Com based on the amount of traffic or visits to a website. Smaller numbers mean better. How to find out is to enter the site name into the search box Alexa.Com or if you use Mozilla Firefox browser you can install the add on Alexa Toolbar.With Secure Online Shopping TipsYou can see Alexa rank Wakamin Online site as of this writing in the picture above. Click Get Details to see more in-depth statistics. Currently having an Alexa ranking is Google. Sites that have the Alexa ranking indicates that the site is little visited. That way, it is likely that these sites are sites that can be trusted because it is often visited by visitors. With Alexa ranking Online Wakamin owned 664 992 is already pretty good, the average traffic of this site is about 150 visitors / day at this writing. Although this figure is still considered less when compared to other major sites, but much better than Alexa rank 5 million or even tens of millions.Note: This does not mean that the site has a great Alexa ranking is a fraudulent website. This could be because the site is not optimized for search engines or the lack of promotion undertaken by the site owner.3. Fair prices - online shopping Tips thirdIn the above cases, the victims are tempted by the cheap price. Therefore, make sure the prices offered by the vendor is the market price of the product. Not too cheap nor too expensive.
Your browser does <p> not support iframes. </ p>Note: It is better if you do not do business with sellers who offer low prices that do not fit akal.Tips Shopping Online Safely4. The site has a contact page which can be contacted - Tips fourth way of online shopping
What does it mean if an online store does not have any contact or customer service can be contacted by the customer. By having customer service that can be reached then you can contact them if you have any questions or there is something at the time of shipping. Contacts can be a form email, email address or telephone number / mobile.Note: If the online store does not have a contact / customer service can be contacted, you should never make a deal.5. Testimonials - Tips fifth way of shopping onlineSites that have testimonials indicate that the site already has customers, and it's nice to be able to know about the quality of the products they offer their customers.Note: Most online stores do have a testimonial. If no, the possibility of online stores are still new and do not have customers.6. Having Pages on Twitter or Facebook pages - Tips online shopping sixthOnline store that has a Twitter and Facebook Pages indicates that they have a marketing strategy. Page Facebook Pages is meant here is the account of Facebook Pages, Facebook accounts instead of individuals. WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Facebook Pages have the "Like" to join, while individuals have a Facebook account on the "Add as Friend" to a friend.
Your browser does <p> not support iframes. </ p>Note: Not that online stores that do not have a Twitter or Facebook is a scam site, they may not know about marketing or social media is not interested in doing it.7. Things other unnatural - way of shopping online Tips seventhOnline transactions are usually done by bank transfer, credit card or it could be through payment gateways like Paypal or iPaymu. But if you find an online store to ask about things like passwords confidential ATM card, internet banking or Paypal account password, then you should be careful because it does not make sense. The bank and Paypal own or may not ask it.

turn off your cigarette

For the smokers quit smoking, stop taking things nine inches (bernikotin) is very heavy. Because it takes determination and a strong desire to Stop Smoking. Maybe some of them have several times tried various How To Stop Smoking, but most will come back to repeat this behavior. Somebody tried to stop the direct (total) or gradual. However, the most difficult stages of the second way is when you have to cope with the reactions due to the loss of nicotine intake that can last for one or two weeks. Stop Smoking Tips Ever heard the term "cold turkey"? The term is commonly used for smokers who stop smoking directly (total) are not phased. Perhaps this sounds interesting way, you just throw away all cigarettes and things associated with smoking (ashtrays, lighters, etc.) owned by you and declare yourself that you're Stop Smoking. Easy is not it? Make no mistake, the technique of "cold turkey" is not necessarily work for everyone, because it is not easy to do. Among those who tried to stop smoking with this method as much as 95% eventually fail and relapse to smoking. Remember, smoking is an addiction (addiction). Brain nicotine a smoker needs over and over again in order to concentrate properly. When there is no intake of nicotine from cigarettes (for smokers quit abruptly), nicotine withdrawal symptoms (anxiety, irritability, irritation, irritability, and difficulty concentrating) may occur, and it takes patience and a very strong motivation to fight

Learning Methods Reading to children

Puzzled to find a good method of learning to read to your child? Have you heard about the method of Flash Card? Let us consider the following facts, may be useful for you who are confused to find the best program for learning to read your baby ... When Should Your Child Learn to Read? Issues surrounding the right time to teach children to read had been a warm conversation. At that time, some argue that teaching children to read too early can be detrimental to development because they would cost. Those who think like this suggest that children learn to read after they were aged 6-7 years. However, along with holding various research and scientific studies, it turns out the child would be overwhelmed if they are late to learn to read and a variety of studies also showed that the age of 6-7 years can be classified into the category of 'too late' is. Since profit Early Learning Reading How to learn to read before entering school (SD) can affect the reading achievement of children in the future? Dolores Durkin is the researcher who first explore this issue in the years 1958-1964 and held a variety of studies to examine it. What conclusions can be drawn from the study for 6 years? Children who can read early on was always able to surpass the reading of children who are late, up to the level of secondary school (SMP). Early reading ability was not related to IQ, but is closely connected with the atmosphere of home and family. Children who can read early on was emerging from a family that has the attention and extra effort in helping them learn to read. Early reading skills are also not related to socio-economic conditions. Children who can read early on turned out to have parents who are willing to spend time reading with their children, although the socio-economic background they differ. Durkin also found that children who begin learning to read since the age of 3-4 years, it has always outperformed other children who begin learning to read since the age of 5-6 years. They can even continue to lead up to the time span of 8 years. Theory Flash Card Experts say that the baby is a genius of the language. For example, let's see ... for every baby born in Indonesia, the Indonesian language is a foreign language - no different than the English or Russian. But what happened? It turned out that the baby can learn the language! How does he learn it? You could proudly say that you are who have been taught, but to be honest, at most, you just teach 'Mama', 'Papa' and a small word, right? And what about the thousands of vocabulary, along with the correct pronunciation of which is absorbed by the child - whether you are teaching it specifically? The experts concluded that children learn language through context, not in the way taught one by one from the list of collections of the following words with meaning (this precision as generally taught in schools when teaching a foreign language or when teaching children to read). Therefore, experts recommend that when teaching children to read, we should cultivate the language in written form as we process language in a conversation. That is, we should make the process of learning to read to babies as simple as possible. In this way, children can learn to read naturally and without realizing it - as he learned to speak his native language. To understand the language through the ears, it takes three requirements: Obviously Lantang Repeated again and without realizing it, a mother usually spoke to her baby with these three elements; loud, clear and repeated. The main reason why most babies do not absorb the language through the eye to the brain as language is absorbed through the ear to the brain, is because it turns out to be able to read the language, the language necessary to the vision presented in the form of a large, clear and repeated. And this is what most people fail is given by parents to their babies - the words present in the form of large, clear and repeated, so that children can learn very easily.


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